Clean 9 & FIT 15 Questions

Points to consider before you start the Clean 9 or FIT 15:

  • This plan is for people who do not have any severe health issues and are not breast feeding
  • Check your normal quantities of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine consumption before you start
  • If you have been in hospital, please check with your doctor before you start the plan
  • If you are on medication please check with your doctor before you start the plan
  • Do not do the Clean 9 if you are pregnant
  • Check if you have any food allergies before you start – i.e Soy
  • The plan is only advisable for adults over 16

Do these plans actually work?

This is one of the most popular Questions. The clean 9 and FIT 15 programmes have helped many people both lose weight and feel better but please bare in mind that individual results may vary. The aim of the first part of the Clean 9 is designed to help give your body a kick start and to change the way you think about food and your diet. Both times I have completed the Clean 9, I have felt revitalised and amazing, and it really did make me think about what I was eating and how much. The FIT 15 and Vital 5 are a continuation of the Clean 9 and help with toning up, getting fitter and achieving a healthier lifestyle generally. Throughout the plan you can have full support by adding me on facebook where I can add you to some groups where you can also gain answers to your questions.

How do I buy the Clean 9 & FIT 15

You can buy the pack via click shop now at the bottom of this website. If you want to email me with your order details, I can then talk to you about any other questions you have.

How do I start my business selling the Clean 9 and weight management plans?

Have a look at my Join page where you can order the clean 9 at a discount and get your own shop link and 15% off going forward (up to 48% off longer term) along with all the other benefits and incentives of being part of the business which we will discuss on joining.

What can I eat on the Clean 9 & FIT 15

To put it in simple terms, on the first 2 days of the Clean 9 you can only have what Forever call 'free foods' These are listed in the Forever Clean 9 booklet which you will receive with your order. These foods consist of low GI foods, and you will be advised on how much you should have day to day. The FIT 15 is slightly different and again, you will be advised in the booklet what you should have.

The only other thing you put in to your body on days 1 and 2 of the Clean 9 is lots of water, aloe gel, forever ultra lite shake, Garcinia, Therm and the Fiber. Days 3-9 you can also add a 600 calorie meal. You must drink lots of water to help cleanse the body on both of these plans to keep you hydrated, and if you want to drink hot drinks, perhaps have some of our Blossom Tea or another suitable herbal alternative.  Try and stay away from tea and coffee if you can however do not however give up on the cleanse just because you may end up having a cup of tea/coffee as it is best to carry on even if you do this rather than give up!

What can I eat on the FIT 15?

This varies depending on your body and which stage of the plan you are doing. You will need to work out your BMR.

What exercise should I do whilst doing the Clean 9?

Because the Clean 9 is a cleanse your body will not be taking in much fuel for the first 9 days of the programme, and so you will do minimum exercise – maybe a 20 minute walk, or a swim. You do not need to do a strict exercise regime. This will come later with the FIT 15 regime.

What exercises should I do on the FIT 15?

All exercises are shown in the FIT 15 booklets which you will receive with your pack.

What purpose do each of the products have on the Clean 9 diet?

The purposes of each product is listed on the Clean 9 page or via clicking on the shop now link at the bottom of this page.

How many times should I do the clean 9

You should not really do the 9 day cleanse more than twice per year. The first 9 days essentially starves the body as your body is not used to having such little food. The weight you lose will be mainly water, and so to continue gaining results, you should carry on and do the FIT 15 programme.

Do I have to do the whole programme?

The simple and short answer to this is no. Some people start at different stages and if you are fit and healthy you may want to go straight for the FIT 15 beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you already eat very well, drink the gel and take some of the supplements you can continue to do this after the Clean 9 instead of doing the whole programme. As long as you continue eating healthily and maybe swap a meal for a shake you can continue this way. individual results may vary and please contact us for some personal advice.

Will I lose weight on the clean 9?

Most people lose some weight in the first 9 days as your body will lose water. During the FIT 15 you are concentrating on building lean muscle and turning fat in to muscle. You will not lose fat in the first 9 days as you have to burn fat to lose it which will happen during your FIT 15 plan.

Will I get headaches?

You may get some headaches as your body is not used to these small amounts being consumed, and lack of caffeine, but make sure you drink lots and lots of water to help cleanse your body.

Contact Us if you have any further Clean 9 Questions that are not answered on this page.

Please note that everything mentioned on this page is not set in stone and individual results may vary.

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