Get 15% Off the Clean 9

Clean 9 Discounts - If you join the business and become a Forever Living Novus customer then you will not only be able to buy your Clean 9 cheaper with 15% off at the lower price of £93.88, but you will be able to get yourself on to our business marketing plan and sell the products yourself by joining Forever Living as a business. There is nothing to lose..

You can join the business by purchasing a Clean 9 Pack in either Chocolate or Vanilla. This will ensure you get on the marketing plan with Forever Living straight away, and get your 15% Discount on the Clean 9 plan. You will also get your personal and unique shop link for future orders where you can recommend and sell to others and get a 15% commission. The more you sell, and the more people that you can recruit to do the same – the more discount you will get – up to a massive 48%! With our help, as you build a team, you will replicate the process and teach others to sell the products and recruit others to do the same. You will then start to earn commission on what your and in turn what their team do. This is simply our way of saying thank you for sharing the products and opportunity to others.

Click Here to order your Clean 9 Cleanse in the usual way without receiving your discount. This will take you through to my online shop.

FIT 15 and Vital 5 Discounts

You can also start your business by purchasing the FIT 15 or Vital 5 Pack. There is a minimum order value of £100 wholesale (around £118 retail) to join the business at this level. To do this please, please contact me at the bottom of the page, and I will send you a manual application form to complete to get your discount on the FIT products and join the Forever Living Business.

You can order the FIT 15 at a lower price of £101.40 and the Vital 5 at £143.24. These are excellent discounts and will also help you get started. 

Add me on Facebook and I will invite you to join a unique page for you and other customers to talk about your experiences. You can share recipes, ideas for your Forever Ultra Lite Shakes, and Exercise plans.

Click here to order in the usual way without joining the marketing plan and getting your Clean 9 Discount. You can still send me a message if you would like to talk to me in more detail about these discounts or other Forever Living Discounts.

Recruiting Today

I am currently recruiting for the second quarter of 2017 and am looking for new team members around the country to Join Forever Living and take advantage of marketing the products and teaching others to do the same. Watch this video of my recent trip to Greece on an all expenses paid trip away with the business!

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